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Titanic Historia.

A legend, sails again.


Titanic:Historia will be a unique telling of the fabled Titanic Story, taking the player on an emotionally engaging journey from the laying of the keep all the way to the rescue by the Carpathia. It will be a story of loss, love and give an insight into the hearts and minds of those who were lost that tragic night.


In 1985, when the wreckage was discovered, shards of what became known as memory stones where discovered scattered throughout the wreckage. The memory stones are unique crystal-like artefacts that have the ability to store memory at a quantum level. Historia was founded during the early 18rh century on a world wide endeavour to track as many as these memory stones as possible, fearing if they fell into the wrong hands, the lost knowledge and history could be exploited by those with ill intent.


Titanic:Historia tells the story through the lost memories, where the player is recruited by the mysterious organisation to bound with the artefacts, and thus relive the memories captured in the skin of the universe. The journey will take you deep into the heart of the ocean, as you explore the lost memories to try and find the final resting place of Titanic's memory stone.


Titanic:Historia will be a adventure out of time, but also a re-telling of the history in a way not done before.



A story. Retold.

A legend, sails again.

This is Titanic Historia.

Ive been  making games with zero  understanding  of what  I'm doing but also at the same time slowly beginning to figure out basic  LUA and modelling,  I have 100 stories to tell not out of wanting to  be famous or even fuelled by financial  game.

I want to help the world shine a bit brighter  with my imagination.